How to Calculate Your GPA

Your Grade Point Average, or GPA, is one of the most crucial factors that influences your college career. It’s important to get the GPA you need, but in order to do that you have to know how to calculate it first.


You calculate your GPA by dividing the total amount of grade points you have earned by the total amount of credit hours taken. In order to do that you have to figure out how many grade points you have, which can be done by following two steps:

1. Look at your grades
So let’s say you have two A’s, a B, and a C. You get 4 points for each A, 3 points for each B, and 2 points for each C.

2. Multiply the number of grade points you got by the credit hours the class is worth.
Keep in mind, some high schools have different values for their credit hours. For some, each class is worth one credit hour, and some have different diploma options with different credit requirements. If you are unsure of how many credit hours each class is worth at your school, or how many are required for your diploma talk to your counselor.

For this example, let’s say you are taking four classes and each class is worth 3 credit hours, so for every A you’ve earned, you get 12 points, for your B you’ve earned 9 pts, and your C earned you 6 points.  Add your grade points together and divide them by the number of total credit hours you are pursuing. In this case, you’ve earned 39 grade points. 39 divided by 12 equals 3.25 -- this is your calculated GPA.

Voilà! Now that you know how to calculate your GPA, you can use it to set goals for yourself. To do so, try using the TG Adventures in Education's GPA Goal Calculator shown below. This is a perfect tool for students in high school as well as college. You can calculate your potential GPA at the end of a semester or quarter, your final cumulative GPA, and your GPA for your major of study in college.

To come up with a good idea of what you want your GPA goal to be, take a look at the GPA requirements of the colleges you are applying to. 

Let’s say you have a 2.25 GPA and you would like to improve it to a 2.8 before the time you graduate. This calculator can tell you whether or not that’s a feasible goal. If your goal is feasible, it will tell you what your grades will need to be like in order to raise your GPA to meet your goal.

This is how it works: Let’s say you’re trying to raise your GPA by the time you graduate. Let’s say by the time you graduate you will have completed 120 credit hours, so enter 120 in the top box. Enter your GPA goal in the next box, so we’ll put 2.8, in the next box enter enter how many credit hours you’ve completed so far. Let’s say that you’re halfway through, and you’ve completed 60 hours. In the final box, put your current GPA in the bottom box and hit calculate. We’ll enter 2.3, because we can round up 2.25 up to 2.3. According to the calculation, this is a feasible goal, and you’ll need to average a 3.30 until you finish to bring your cumulative GPA up to your goal.


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